Pulling the Curtain Back

We don't usually show what happens behind-the-scenes, so here's a rare look at what's happening off camera when we film a class... with all of our ugly cables and equipment showing!⁠

Creating and programming dynamic lighting scenes that are syncopated with music is an incredibly time consuming process (but it's also super fun 😍) The monitor on the right is displaying our lighting cues along a timeline with syncopated music. The smaller computer on the left is used to monitor and record the instructor's dialogue through a "DAW" (a digital audio workstation.) This audio will later get mixed with the music for clear and compelling instruction that won't come at the expense of the music.⁠

This picture alone contains over 480 feet of DMX cable and 137 individually addressable LED fixtures and special effects 😅 the goal is to make all of the equipment "blend in" and work *with* the set. I'm really proud of this set design... also we basically cheated by using Nanoleaf panels 😆 paper thin and modular LED panels make lighting design too easy.

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