Are Smart Lights Smart for my workout?

You may have heard of Smart Lights. You may not have heard of Nanoleaf. What are they, and what do they mean for your workout?

When designing the set pieces for CYCLUB Live, one of our main goals was to build a party atmosphere around a fitness class. After all, the more enjoyable the class, the more you want to ride, the better shape you are in. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through the use of immersive lighting on our cycling stage and the "ride" being fully synchronized with music to go along with it.

Lighting has long been used for entertainment, and the way that most of us encounter it is at a concert for our favorite band or musician. Those moments where everything just lines up is magical. Scientists call it Transcenedent Psychophysiological Experiences. Thanks, scientists. Most people call it goosebumps or getting chills.

This is the experience that we are trying to replicate with CYCLUB Live. Little magical musical moments that take you away from just another grinding workout on a bike. Buzzwords like Exertainment or Entertrainment have been thrown around to try and describe what we are doing, but ultimately the right word is FUN. Your workout should be FUN.

And there is scientific evidence that FUN workouts are better for you. Immersive fitness classes which utilize a combination of entertaining lights and sound like CYCLUB Live, "yield a high intensity heart rate without high perceived effort", according to Jinger Gotschall from Penn State University. She says, "The results demonstrate that immersive classes are ideal group fitness environments for newcomers to achieve their fitness goals because they reach a high heart rate zone to get fitter, faster, without feeling the discomfort of the intensity level." Science here.

How does this relate to smart lights and Nanoleaf? Nanoleaf are the 60 triangles surrounding our spin instructors and the centerpiece of CYCLUB Live. By combining those lights and music, our goal is to create a fun, immersive environment that you can bring out of the screen and into your home.

By combining the CYCLUB Live Android App and Nanoleaf panels (available here) you can bring CYCLUB Live to your living room. When you choose any song or combination of songs to ride to on CYCLUB Live, the panels in your house will be synchronized to what you are viewing on the screen. It's our way of bringing more fun, immersive workouts to you in a way that has never been done before.

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