Nanoleaf / cyclub live 

CYCLUB Live X Nanoleaf

By syncing your Nanoleaf Smart Lights to on screen rides, we take immersive to the next level. No other at home fitness application offers this level of integration. Check out the video to the right to see what we mean. 


Simple Setup

Setting up your Nanoleaf Smart Lights to work with CYCLUB Live could not be easier. The first time you open the CYCLUB Live App on Android, your will be prompted to connect your Nanoleaf. Follow the on screen instructions and you're all set. Next time you open the app your Nanoleaf will connect automatically. 

Nanoleaf Best Practices

  1. Don't use more than 30 Nanoleaf Panels per controller

  2. Make sure your Nanoleaf is on the same WIFI as your phone / tablet running CYCLUB Live

  3. Need Nanoleaf? Click here to purchase directly from their website. 

  4. We'd love to help. Email us at

how to sync your nanoleaf

Still have more questions? Check out this video for the full explanation on how to sync your NANOLEAF lights with CYCLUB Live.